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Discos, Dj's and Karaokes

The mobile disco and Karaoke are the most request services and the most usually asked for as the closure of any event, they’re also requested for ambient music during them, the basic difference lies in our customized work system, through what we call a “rehearsal”, we give you the possibility to choose the music of the various parts of the event, to suit your tastes, and the idea that you have in mind. We advise you if you need it and we can guarantee all the requests that you have made. We have several expert Dj’s, specialized in all kinds of music and decades as well as in sound and lighting equipment for any amount of attendees and location. We have recently developed a modality of Karaoke as an activity of tean building ideal to finish the training sessions by applying concepts such as teamwork, time management, leathership, organization and creativity.



The ultimate goal of an event weather if it,s for entertaiment, promotional or formalization is to convey a particular message and cause the desired impact among the attendess. Fortunately, the new technologies allow us to make reality what until recently was only imaginable. Our department of major events and logistics is ready to assist you and help you in every aspect, from the location and design, to the assembly, the technology and the realization itself.


Scenarios, structures and stages

Adapt a given space to the specific needs of the event requires solutions of all kinds, to possible we have dance floors of exterior and interior, pallets and scenarios of all types and to separate spaces, build scenarios, backdrops for scenarios and stands.


Performances and artist recluitment

We have a very broad portfolio of artists off all kinds, which allows us to offer you countless shows to comfortably enjoy as a mere spectator, actions that are developed inadvertently amongs the public where the susprise and interaction make the fun and the entertaiment a sure thing, magicians, children entertainers, entertainers for the dance floor, infiltrated actors, infiltrated waiters, star impersonators, stand up comedians, presenters, speakers… among many others. We put at you disposal all sorts of musical permormances, ranging from classical music with various formations and choir, orchestras, groups and specialists in all styles and epochs, Miachi Bands, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Blues, Reggae, Flamenco and a long etcetera to meet any need.

Themed Parties

Theme parties have a great cceptance, they’re different from what we are accustomed to, they mix the show, the interaction and the music, being the perfect instrument to combine promotion and fun. We have already developed several themes, but we can design and produce actions tailored to your needs to archieve the desired objetives in the case of promoting a product or your company, as well as entertaining customers or employees, where the attention to the decoration, the costumes and the setting in scene will leave no one indifferent.

Graphical Products.

We advise in the most effective way, on the best solutions for graphics production that will allow you to make real your communication projects. We make the most advanced digital technology available for the DECORACTION AND INTERIOR ADVERTISING to achieve the desired visibility of a well done job.